Our Mission

Our Mission:  To Positively Transform Lives

Through The Campaign for OSU, donors have given more than $160 million to Oregon State Athletics to transform the student-athlete experience and create a culture of leadership and success, both on and off the field.  The Beth Ray Center for Academic Support, Whyte Track and Field Center, and the OSU Basketball Center each have shaped not only the physical landscape, but also the competitive one. A strong Athletics program creates a kinetic thread that connects the entire campus community and embodies the spirit and innovative nature of Oregon State’s students and alumni.  

Our goal is to compete for and win a Pac-12 championship every year, in every sport.  While we expect to win on the field, we must more importantly provide our student-athletes with the tools to positively impact the world around them through academic achievement, personal development, and athletic discipline.  Your investment now will help shape the future leaders of our communities tomorrow.    

In order to take the next step in its forward progress, OSU Athletics must continue its focus on growing support through Our Beaver Nation.  Increasing annual support of Our Beaver Nation is the most direct way to support the transformation that is taking place every day in the lives of Oregon State’s student-athletes and will allow Oregon State to launch into the future and sustain itself as a preeminent athletics program both in the Pac-12 and on a national level.      

Our student-athletes come to Corvallis from points near and far in search of education and growth.  They are of different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Individually, each brings a unique story.  Collectively, they are the heart and soul of Beaver Nation.  We celebrate the diversity of our student-athletes and provide them with the tools to positively impact the world around them.  What makes the Oregon State student-athlete experience unique?  Each student-athlete possesses unique gifts that must be maximized and put into practical use in the order to pursue a path of personal and professional development.

Whether the next step for a student-athlete who receives their undergraduate degree is to attend graduate school, enter the workforce or continue their athletic pursuits, we want them to think big and reach for the stars.  Intercollegiate athletics presents an opportunity for young people to transform their lives.  It offers the same experience for all members of Our Beaver Nation.

A Better Oregon and Beyond

There is a vision for Oregon State Athletics that is bigger than sports. It's the mission of a university: to build a better Oregon State, a better Oregon and beyond. Our Beaver Nation is a place to look inside, see the heart that drives us, and show your support for this mission.

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Good to know you can always come home. Great seeing @brandincooks this morning taking in the newly renovated VFC.… https://t.co/uJctDm0Ns1
Great evening at @WillametteVV with our donors and @BeaverAD. #GoBeavs https://t.co/ar8EgjiE25
The fun never stops. Awesome time sitting with our @BeaverFootball student-athletes saying thank you to our donors… https://t.co/fCTwjRfqhl
Thank you to all who've made The Partners Group Ossey Scramble possible this year. An amazing 45 years in benefit o… https://t.co/JyQ1YhyQGH
RT @BeaverAthletics: Thank you @BeaverBaseball for an incredible season. #GoBeavs https://t.co/RJLvTOwz00
Making signs to cheer on @BeaverBaseball prior to today's big game. #GoBeavs #CWS https://t.co/Oz2IYLdlSR
Just 30 minutes from the start of today's @BeaverBaseball tailgate in Omaha! Hilton-Omaha North Patio. #GoBeavs #CWS https://t.co/Dvodu6Cqlp
The new streak starts tomorrow, and the day begins with our tailgate in partnership with @oregonstatealum. #GoBeavshttps://t.co/zvlTueklGR
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