Board of Directors

The Varsity OSU Director works closely with Varsity OSU’s Board of Directors. The Board consists of two representatives from each sport, except for Football, which has four representatives. The interaction between the Varsity OSU Director and the Board is extremely important, as they work together to fulfill Varsity OSU’s mission.

Varsity OSU’s Board also has an Executive Committee, which consists of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, and Treasurer.

President: Michelle Smith (Women’s Basketball)
President-Elect: TBD (TBD)
Vice President: Lindsay Meiggs (Women’s Soccer)
Varsity OSU Director: Scott Spiegelberg (Football)
A Better Oregon and Beyond

There is a vision for Oregon State Athletics that is bigger than sports. It's the mission of a university: to build a better Oregon State, a better Oregon and beyond. Our Beaver Nation is a place to look inside, see the heart that drives us, and show your support for this mission.

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