Benefits of Giving

Contributing to Our Beaver Nation not only supports Beaver Athletics and each and every one of our 500 student-athletes, but this support also BENEFITS YOU, our loyal Oregon State Athletics supporters. By donating $100 or more annually to Oregon State Athletics, you qualify for various sport-specific and non-sport-specific benefits throughout the following year.

Our Beaver Nation wants each and every donor to be rewarded for their commitment to Oregon State Athletics. Therefore, you can receive exclusive benefits for the following year depending on your annual giving level between July 1 and June 30.

See Our Beaver Nation Annual Benefits Chart for further details.

Annual Benefits Chart

A Better Oregon and Beyond

There is a vision for Oregon State Athletics that is bigger than sports. It's the mission of a university: to build a better Oregon State, a better Oregon and beyond. Our Beaver Nation is a place to look inside, see the heart that drives us, and show your support for this mission.

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